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Khorramshahr Mosque



One of the mosques which had a significant role among thousand others, during 8 years of holy defense in our country is Khorramshahr mosque. This mosque reminds us many memories of revolution and holy defense‘s days. During Islamic revolutions days, it was the center ofunity for fighting against Pahlavi regime and during the holy defense it was the heart of defense. Although this mosque was constructed 120 years ago, there is no exact information about its founder. A piece of land was added from the western side in year 1348, and the mosque was reconstructed to the current shape. After acceptance of the resolution 598, every year a budget is devoted to rehabilitate the mosque from Reconstruction Funds. The central mosque of Khorramshahr has a brick facing and about 2750 sqmof tiling. You have access to the old bazaar of Khorramshahr with its pleasurable surroundings.




Khorramshahr had become a blooded city from the beginning of the war. It had become blooded to represent the innocence of Basijis and the martyrs; and it was the only way to do it. They fought and martyred innocently and their bodies got disappeared under the evil's tanks. But… the secret of blood got revealed and nobody is aware of it, just the martyrs. Blood circulation for the alive is pleasant but its donation to the beloved is more pleasant; and not more but much more pleasant. The secret of blood is dependency of life to it. If blood is the whole life… then giving it up is the most difficult venture. Somebody who has enjoyed this sweet experience won't enjoy the life anymore. Those who are scared of death will be excluded from Karbala. The true men are those who fight to discover the reality of mankind among the fire. They have defeated the fear to reveal chivalry and the way of martyrdom. Those who are scared of death will get excluded from Karbala. It got so difficult that staying in Khorramshahr meant martyrdom; that night was like Ashoura and it was the time to evaluate those who had remained in the city… Karbala is the lovers' base and devoted the martyr “Seyed Mohammad Ali Jahanara” from the deserved ones whose hearts are full of love without any fear from death. They are eternal; they are the kings of the green islands of the ocean of the light which is shining the whole universe and heavens. Khorramshahr mosque reminds many martyrs like Mohammad Jahanara, Behrouz Moradi, Behnam Mohammadi, Sheykh Sharif Ghonooti, Amir Rafi'ei and Mohammad Dashti ,and …….. .





Khoramshahr mosque as a symbol of Iranian people's resistence through the 8 years imposed war , is the eighth hall of the museum. This mosque has been built in real size and it will be a place for gathering combatants and martyrs family in Tehran metropolitan and through the country. khorramshahr mosque has been built for these purposes : Holding thanksgiving prayers for unique resistance of Iranian people. Recitation of blessing for holy defense martyrs. Holding martyrs memorial and holy defense ceremonies.





In the Museum The 3d mapping technology is used to show Khorramshahr‘s occupation, defenders’ resistance, and khorramshahr’s liberation. The film is projected on the wall of Khorramshahr’s Mosque at nights when there is ceremony. 3D projectionis any method of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane. As most current methods for displaying graphical data are based on planar two-dimensional media.