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Martyr Hamedani Shooting Salon

Kalashnikov gun shooting simulator
shooting weapons, especially real  ones, is one of the most exciting adventures of youth and teenagers; but it is not available most people and enthusiasts because of Inaccessibility to special Shooting fields and also high costs and potential hazards. The Islamic Revolution & Holy Defense Museum to achieve its goals: the acquaintance of young generation with the culture of sacrifice and resistance, and in order to increase the attractiveness of the museum and to increase the presence sense of the time of the holy defense in visitors, have made a virtual shooting salon with Kalashnikov guns and registered it In the name of the Islamic Revolution & Holy Defense Museum.

This collection helps people with amusement and educational purposes to easily shoot with the AK-47's original Kalashnikov guns and no threats of their life, while trying to simulate all shooting modes for the simulated practitioner, in a way that experience as close as possible to reality. This place consists of changed genuine guns, computers, target and electronic circuits. The computer shows goals through the video projector on the target, which the learner must target and shoot it. All of the user's movements and functions are saved, and as a shooting model, can be checked, saved and retrieved. The user can also determine the model to practice the shooting through the user panel.