This  hall begins  with the  heartrending  passing away of  Imam  Khomeini, the founder of  Islamic revolution  of  Iran ,and  reconstructed Jamaran Hosseinia balcony with shiny beam of light on it.

Next, reading imam Khomeini's holly-political testament by Ayatollah khamenei, and transition of leadership to him in extraordinary session of assembly of experts. Visitors can see Ayatollah khamenei's biography on screen.

Achievement of holy defense in Imam Khomeini's view and Islamic revolution rules and plans for the country…….and scenes of Islamic revolution victory ceremonies up to now which is epitome of support of the Islamic revolution, display on the wall.

Next, accounts are presented in 3 stages : before the war, during the

war, after the war

آیت الله العظمی سید علی خامنه ای