This hall represents a brief summary of historic events which can be considered as the roots of Iranian Islamic Revolution; and also the relation of the initial signs of Islamic Revolution in June 5th 1963, January 9th 1967, September 8th 1978, until next events which lead to the victory of Islamic Revolution with the religious principles of people’s protests led by Imam Khomeini (peace be upon him). This hall is the explanation of enthusiastic history of a thought. It also displays the epic journey of Shia political beliefs in history until gaining unity under the guardianship of the jurist, a unity that had not been experienced for ages. Prelude starts with Imam Khomeini’s exile in 1963 until referendum in 1979. The halls are attached to each other from the south to the north of the western side of the garden-valley.

Presenting the red line of martyrdom from Imam Ali’s Mihrab to Imam Hosein’s karbala, since September 8th 1978 to February 1979 and September 1980 to sum up, a summary of Islamic Revolution of Iran .

The first hall is 485 square meters in area.

آیت الله العظمی سید علی خامنه ای